Thursday, November 17, 2011

Titanoboa robotic snake sizes up against Mondo Spider

The snake motion is very realistic. The fluidity is amazing. At short distance it must be unnerving.

In a move bound to prey on those with pho­bias, Cana­di­an robot­ic design house eatArt has released a video of its lat­est project: the Titanoboa, a robot­ic snake based on a 50-foot long pre­his­toric ser­pent. The video pits the basilisk-like robot against the Mondo Spi­der, a walk­ing machine large enough to hold a man, and there's obvi­ous com­pe­ti­tion between the two. While eatArt showed a short­er ver­sion of the snake rollerblad­ing at the Burn­ing Man fes­ti­val ear­li­er this year, at 35 feet this is the largest ver­sion of the robot so far, with the team aim­ing to reach the full length in the next year or so.

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