Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 refurbished units will be available in India for Rs 22,500

This does seem like a good idea to me as a consumer. I would have jumped on it had I not already got the s2. Trying to convince my wife on this. A good opportunity guys! Go for it.

While we are wait­ing for an offi­cial announce­ment, we can con­firm that Apple iPhone 4 fac­to­ry refur­bished units are now avail­able in India for Rs 22,500 for the 16GB vari­ant. These units come with prop­er bill and one-year war­ran­ty. Refur­bished units should not be con­fused with usual second-hand units – these are sent back to the assem­bly fac­to­ry where they are cleaned, and some com­po­nents changed. They come with the same sup­port as new phones. We are also hear­ing there is a short­age of brand-new iPhone 4 16GB, which can be attrib­uted to the upcom­ing iPhone 4S launch in India on Novem­ber 25. Apple will intro­duce the 8GB vari­ant of the iPhone 4 and dis­con­tin­ue both the 16GB and 32GB vari­ants once the iPhone 4S is launched. If you are still look­ing for an afford­able iPhone 4, we think the …

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