Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Technology landscape

I have not been a great internet buff... Primarily used to surf a bit to get some work done and that is about it. For some time (which is a couple of years) I am trying to make better inroads and right now (which is few months) I really want to be net-savvy and stuff like that... Obvious reasons for that is my need to increase the breadth of knowledge in the technology space which is bread butter and more...
But this has not been easy... especially with the technology landscape being already very very large ... and it is CHANGING... the rate I am clueless but sometime it looks to be light speed...

I am trying to decide on how I can keep afloat and still know sufficient about what is happening out there. One thing which I thought could be to pick up a set of good sites and just follow them and forget the rest. Some sites which I plan to follow (being a java guy) regularly are

I would really like to add some SOA and Java Web framework related sites, but don't have any recommended ones. Friends add on to this if you think there are better places to go and better things to learn.
Or for that matter let me know your thoughts on the approach itself. May be or surely there is better way to achieve what I want to achieve. Go ahead and hit me