Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crypteks USB offers physical lock and AES hardware encryption

That's surely an imitation of Da Vinci's cryptex. Looks really cool!

There's a Kick­starter cam­paign going that might inter­est those who carry sen­si­tive data and swooned over Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code — if it comes to fruition, the Crypteks USB drive will com­bine both a phys­i­cal lock as well as 256-bit AES hard­ware encryp­tion. The drive itself is sealed inside an anodized alu­minum cylin­der with five rings con­tain­ing all the let­ters of the alpha­bet; all you have to do to remove the drive is enter your pass­word. Once the drive is removed, you can reset the pass­word by remov­ing and re-orienting the rings in the posi­tion of your choice. Even after the drive is removed from its shell, it's still secured by thely in use by thet. …

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