Thursday, November 3, 2011

Google Reader interface changes

As I read news and articles from my twitter and google reader (ah the irony!), a repeated theme in the last few days has been the interface changes on Google reader. I have heard lot of complaints about it. These did induce me to go a take a look at the google reader page. After spending less than 5 minutes, which means I was superbly (is that a word! never mind) superficial, I felt there have been changes. But I could not form an opinion of whether it is good or bad. I guess I hardly spent any time to make such a conclusion.
It might seem that I probably don't use google reader. The truth is quite the opposite. I spent quite a bit of my reading time on feeds from google reader. But the google reader has become my backend for feeds. For consuming the feeds, I am using specific applications like Flipboard on my Ipad and d7 google reader on my phone. Even on my laptop I use news square or feedly (both used sparingly as I do most of my feeds reading in the tablet or the phone).  Hence the change in the google reader UI did not impact me at all.
How will these changes play out? Are the complaints just temporary - rants from people who resist any kind of change which will die eventually? Will the might and dominance of google in this area just make people stick to it despite there being problems (if there are any at all)? Will people start moving to other alternatives for consuming there feeds (like me)? Will a new and good alternative to google reader emerge out of this? Throwing these questions in the air. At least time will answer them (but I am open to getting answers from others too!)

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