Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dev Camp at Bangalore Thoughtworks

Just yesterday, I attended devcamp at Bangalore ThoughtWorks . It was first of the kind for me (I have not attended the bar camps before) and the experience was new. The camp followed the true spirit of unconference and I was immediately hooked to it. Jumping out of talks in between to check out others was something I did all the time. Another thing I learned about unconferences was that you go there to get a flavor of different stuff and may be contribute some very specific or very generic stuff. Details have no place there (at least that has been my first impression).

Some themes which I found interesting were Ruby and RoR, Semantic Web (which I could not attend much even going by my camp standards), Mashups and RIA frameworks. There were standalone sessions on Eclipse Plug-in Development, Android (missed that one) and others. There was one 'any language any website' session which was interesting. Another real good session on 'Product design and development' - really got to know some good concepts. The lightning talks were quite good - the shortness helps mitigating boredom and fostering breadth.

I will probably post later on specific topics I attended here.

Hearing Martin talk was another wish come true.

Overall had a good time and a great experience.

Online Community - Starting one

One day we folks sat over a cup of coffee and discussed… discussed on lot of things… software development and technology was a big piece in that. It was fun and we all loved it and learned from it… not something we can make happen all times…
We also discussed on how much the web has moved on… really lots happening out here and we are quite behind the scene…
Then it flashed… we wanted to discuss at any time and the web had the answer…. A wiki has come forth... Iflockt
Starting off with bunch of friends. Let us see what comes up.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Media Personalization

Just came across this in Business Line - "the media personalization platform" (check out news item). This first app being videos that can be personalized and used in your mobiles and pages etc. Is there something in this for Youtube to add to itself?