Monday, July 28, 2008

Wicket - Checking out

Have been trying out Wicket lately . Had heard a lot about it and hence thought of giving a shot at it. I have always been doing web development in java world and having known Struts, JSP for almost all the time Wicket was sort of a shock initially (never have done any serious swing programming). All UI programming done in java with some html markup. I have done some JSF but this is remarkably different. But soon, I got over it... I can feel OO's power throbbing inside it (since it is mostly java code and it is component oriented) but I think that unless I do some good amount of development and add features to an application, I won't be able to make out whether there is true power in it... Ajax without javascript is something to look out for... So if you are javascript novice (which I was sometime back, now I know a bit of it - these javascript libraries help a lot) this is something good. Getting a good feeling compared to JSF at the least (though component libraries in JSF are much more). I will keep posting

Improving website's responsiveness - follow up

Have been working more on these lines. I think the better place to go to get tips on the above topic is in YUI performance links. YSlow is a good starting point. There are a plethora of tools out there...
Starting from AOL pagetest, YSlow, Firebug. Yahoo's performance related pages talk about lot of browser behavior and also tricks to get the best out of it... I think folks should start looking there. And this is only if you are serious about improving your site's performance.

note: Have been out for some time. Lots of work... Now things should get back in track