Monday, December 5, 2011

Senseye lets you control your phone by looking at it, will ship next year (video)

This is even more newer than voice. This is eye movement detection. I think google needs to jump on this one and grab them. Not only because it will be an android answer to apple's Siri, but also because in the world of advertisements tracking where your eye ball is very precious to let go. And remember, if google does not act apple will surely. If both of them delay even Microsoft might do something. But something tells me that Samsung is probably looking very hard at this.

Eye-controlled inter­faces have been around for years, but a new tool called Sens­eye might be the first mass-market imple­men­ta­tion. Using a front-facing cam­era and infrared LED, Sens­eye tracks eye motion with enough accu­ra­cy to dim the screen when no one is look­ing at it, auto-scroll text on a page, and let the user enter a pass­code or play a sim­ple shoot­ing game by look­ing at num­bers or ene­mies. The proof of con­cept uses a bulky case, but final ver­sions are planned as either small don­gles or part of the phone itself.

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