Monday, December 5, 2011

Interfaces you can feel from Senseg

Super cool touch interfaces. The innovation is continuous. There is just a lot of stuff happening.

Senseg patent­ed solu­tion cre­ates a sophis­ti­cat­ed sen­sa­tion of touch using Coloumb’s force, the prin­ci­ple of attrac­tion between elec­tri­cal charges. By pass­ing an ultra-low elec­tri­cal cur­rent into the insu­lat­ed elec­trode, Senseg’s Tixel™, the pro­pri­etary charge dri­ver can cre­ate a small attrac­tive force to fin­ger skin. By mod­u­lat­ing this attrac­tive force a vari­ety of sen­sa­tions can be gen­er­at­ed, from tex­tured sur­faces and edges to vibra­tions and more.

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