Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3 Ways Google's Majel May Out-Chat Apple's Siri (And 1 Big Way It Could Remain Speechless)

There are good possibilities for Majel. Let's hope Google does not bungle it. We android phone users will be very thankful :-)


Siri is amaz­ing. Let's not pull any punches--ignore the critcs, as it's prob­a­bly the best mobile voice recog­ni­tion device that any user has ever encoun­tered. Above all else, it's a fab­u­lous PR tool, it works, and it threat­ens Google ad rev­enues. Google and its Android army know this. Why else would Sam­sung lam­poon it and Google execs poo-pooh it? Espe­cial­ly when you con­sid­er that Google is des­per­ate­ly work­ing on a rival to Siri. It's code­named Majel, and in sev­er­al ways it's got a seri­ous chance to out­smart Apple's smart assis­tant right from the get-go.

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