Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Mustache integration stuff

Last week, we talked about scalate. We specifically talked about using mustache as the templating mechanism for the view. Since mustache was the template mechanism I wanted to try it out, I sought other mechanisms of integrating mustache with spring mvc. Mustache integration through java is the obvious choice (scalate is of course great but it still means adding the entire scala runtime/infrastructure to be embedded for just that use... seems a bit too much). When we check the mustache page, it leads to the framework/library created by Sam Pullara.
I did some more search just out of curiosity. I hit upon another library called jmustache created by samskivert (Michael Bayne). The documentation seemed to be there and I also found another github project by sps (Sean Scanlon) which integrates jmustache with spring mvc. So Viola! Everything was available readymade. I put in similar code to last time and things worked like before.
So now I had mustache spring mvc integration in java itself. Hopefully I will be using it more and will be able to comment on how good it is. Keeping the other implementation by Sam in standby for now.

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