Saturday, April 7, 2012

Zite on Android

It was only yesterday I was talking about Zite to my friend (I have mentioned the app before to them).

I have been using Zite for sometime now. It has been my go to magazine app on my iPad 2 for reading tech and development articles. I have backed its own feed with my google reader and twitter feeds. Almost on a daily basis I keep looking at the top news section and catch a lot of stuff I like to read. It is just become part of my daily routine.

Yesterday, during conversation with my friend I mentioned all this. She was very intrigued and interested and wanted to use it. I told her that there is only a iPad version of the app (and she has a Samsung Galaxy S2 like me and no tablet)  and hence it is not for her.

I was completely wrong. Today morning (actually just a few minutes ago) my iPad was out of juice and I wanted to catch up on some tech/dev news (like usual). I thought Zite might have online presence (I doubted it as soon as I thought it somehow). So I dutifully logged on to their zite, oh sorry site.

And lo behold, what was waiting for me. An Android version. And next thing I did was installing it. I took it for a very very short test drive (using the same account I have on my iPad 2) and at first look I liked it. The content was all there (I still have to check out the user interface properly). According to Zite this was customized for the Android phone and not the tablet. God knows why (may be it is because android phones are much popular than android tablet) but it suits my need well.

As soon as I finish publishing this out, I will message my friend about it (to correct the wrong I did yesterday). 

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