Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Google rebrands its digital content offering as Google Play (No more android market)

Google is creating a single destination for all its digital content: Google play.

I am still trying to figure out what the 'play' here is. I understand that it is good to bring all their offerings to a single place (part of their consolidation strategy I suppose) as that allows me (the consumer) to not have to go to multiple places to get stuff.

What I don't get the name 'play'. I tried reading the faq to find if there is anything mentioned there which will make things clear but could not. Is Google trying to take a shot at the philosophy that 'life is a game, play it'. Or is it that you play games, movies, music and hence the name (but I don't play books. I also get a lot of work done through the apps). I don't get it.

I understand they wanted to move away from being called "Android Market" because it is more than just about Android. Some people have suggested that they should have used something like "Google Market". That does make sense to me but the only thing is that it looks like a beaten/used name with no 'new' factor (others would say it is a well established brand now).

Why so much hue and cry about the name? Its just a name. But if we think about it, it is the name people use the connect to what is offered. Common sense and even user experience science suggest that having a clear good name is always better than having some vague catchy stylish name. Consumers/customers get simplicity and clarity.

So why is Google doing this? Am I missing the 'play' here?

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