Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook filing for $5 billion IPO tomorrow, says NYT | The Verge

Facebook is reported to make a public offer of $5 billion (very close to all time high, according to the report).

I am not a big user of Facebook. I rarely log into it directly. I use Facebook through other tools for sharing stuff some of my friends. I think these friends of mine are the reason behind Facebook's success (ok, multiple millions of people like my friends). The feelings this raises in my head are mixed (more like 'I wish I was part of it - the greenery looks fantastic').

Facebook has grown at such a rapid pace. Technologically (which is primarily my interest) they have done a lot of good/great things. They are probably the poster child for a start up. Every start up would love to think that they are destined to same place. But I really doubt that. To do another Facebook is next to impossible at least within my life time. What do you think?

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