Monday, July 28, 2008

Wicket - Checking out

Have been trying out Wicket lately . Had heard a lot about it and hence thought of giving a shot at it. I have always been doing web development in java world and having known Struts, JSP for almost all the time Wicket was sort of a shock initially (never have done any serious swing programming). All UI programming done in java with some html markup. I have done some JSF but this is remarkably different. But soon, I got over it... I can feel OO's power throbbing inside it (since it is mostly java code and it is component oriented) but I think that unless I do some good amount of development and add features to an application, I won't be able to make out whether there is true power in it... Ajax without javascript is something to look out for... So if you are javascript novice (which I was sometime back, now I know a bit of it - these javascript libraries help a lot) this is something good. Getting a good feeling compared to JSF at the least (though component libraries in JSF are much more). I will keep posting

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